All About Shea Butter

All About Shea Butter

ooh hi today I’m going to tell you guys about Shea butter

what is Shea butter Shea butter

is a gift from the heavens that is delivered to earth on a baby cloud that’s mixed with love and laughter and rainbows and magic but if you want to get technical.

Where Shea butter comes from

Shea butter comes from the Shea nut tree in Africa it’s basically a saturated fat. it has a very earthy gray tan pale color to it and it also has a very earthy smell like kind of like roasted nuts. Shea butter usually stays in a very solid form but if you scoop them up and put it between the palms of your hands and rub it you can melt it so it’s very very smooth benefits fatty acids.

Shea butter is jam-packed with fatty acids and these fatty acids create a protective barrier on whichever area you applied to thus creating a little shield that protects you from the world. they are also very moisturizing and nourishing shelf life. Shea butter is essentially a saturated fat so the shelf life is ridiculous I have never had a tub of shea butter go bad on me probably because I always finish it before it can even go bad but even then in the past 2 or 3 years I’ve used about two or three tubs of shea butter because they last a ridiculously long time and a little goes a long way.

All About Shea Butter
All About Shea Butter

Its UV protection

there are actually many sources that claim that shea butter actually provides very very minor SPF protection against UV rays. vitamin E is a huge component of Shea butter and is actually vitamin E and we all know that vitamin E is extremely infamous for its ability to fight against aging.
now I’m not old enough to prove this statement but uh I guess we’ll just see my face in a few decades alrighty those were the benefits and now. I’m going to show you the fun part of how you can incorporate it into your life essentially.

all you can do with shea butter is

put it on your skin in here but don’t let that limit your imagined nation okay because there are zillions of things that you can do for your skin



  • you can even use a little bit of shea butter as a primer for your makeup
  • you can use shea butter as your daily moisturizer and you can use it as chapstick
  • you can use it on your hair you can use it in any way you want to imagine so the most basic way I can think of is using it as like a:
styling cream after the shower you know you wash your condition you get out of the shower you put some in your hands and you just like rake it through and then scrunch. it’ll create a thick barrier around each hair strand to protect it and to prevent split ends. it will give your hair shine heavy moisture and it’s actually a really good curl definer and remember a little goes a long way so don’t like to get in there, and like scoop up half of the jar.
All About Shea Butter
All About Shea Butter
honestly, this is where dime-sized amount actually like yes follow dime size amount because this goes a long way.

another way to use shea butter which is my absolute most

favorite way is for DIYs shea butter, makes an excellent base for DIY deodorants DIY chapsticks DIY lotions creams hair creams body butters hair butters exfoliating scrubs makeup remover soap and stretch mark balm as
  • just melt half a cup of shea butter on the stovetop and once it’s all melted you can add things in it to make creations.
  • you can add coconut milk & coconut oil
  • aloe vera other oils essential oils
you’ll be amazed at the number of things you can make this way you can buy:
role=”button”>shea butter at any health food store like Whole Foods or Chuck’s produce I love ordering online because it’s a better deal and you can get more and you can see other people’s reviews on that.
How to buy shea butter


role=”button”>shea butter as well now listen when you buy Shea butter make sure it’s really okay. make sure it’s raw make sure it’s
unrefined and make sure it only contains one ingredient for that one ingredient to be shea butter or shea nut you know if the people want to be technical about the ingredient.
honestly, the amount of uses it has totally depended on your imagination, and anything that you can come up with it’s extremely versatile very nourishing very awesome and I really hope that you consider incorporating it into your life.
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